HHofG Logo6Aloha!  Welcome to Hawaii’s House of Gold, the home of Hawaiian Island Noni.  We, the founders of Hawaii’s House of Gold, envision a company that holds out to the world healing from the humble, God given Noni plant from Hawaii. This strong smelling and tasting plant is a strong medicine.  It has a long history of medicinal use by Polynesian healers.  We invite you to become a part of this history by experiencing the wonderful benefits of Hawaii Island Noni, and our other life enhancing products  for  yourself, and begin reaping the rewards of sharing these wonderful products with others.

Our vision is to  reward our  affiliates in ways that no other company can for their efforts to make Hawaiian Noni,  and our other life enhancing products better  known!  We reward our affiliates by means of our revolutionary, one of a kind, compensation plan called the PRAYER!  We know that the PRAYER will do what seems mathematically impossible for any other network marketing company do.  We know the power of Positions Rearranged According to Your Effective Recruiting.  We know Hawaiian Noni’s impressive history.  Possessing this knowledge we launched Hawaii’s House of  Gold, which is destined to enrich the lives of many!

Founding Members

John Moylan is President of Hawaii’s House of Gold and a proven leader.  He is also the genius behind “The Prayer” compensation plan. Having spent years in network marketing, John saw the way to eliminate the downfalls associated with MLM. His revolutionary compensation plan will turn the network marketing world upside down!

3Dr. Don and Sylvia Hashimoto are our Founding Distributors and were among the top distributors in an international network marketing company. They bring their expertise in building successful sales teams to help you build yours.

Patrick WalshPatrick Walsh is our Hawaiian Noni Connection. With a background in the food and beverage industry, Patrick knows that having a product you truly believe in, use and feel benefits from, is something rare. He is very proud that his processing technique makes our Noni the smoothest you’ll ever taste.