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Make a financial miracle happen for you with HHG’s Compensation Plan!
HHG’s unprecedented compensation plan (The Prayer) is designed to get money in your hands very quickly, as you work towards a residual income to match your financial goals! With this business, you do not have to wait for the small number of affiliates you sponsored to reproduce your efforts in order to obtain a nice income. When you have helped others obtain that nice income, you are looking at wealth!

Here’s the Concept: HHG has only one Sales Team.  A qualifying purchase puts you in the Sales Team. Everyone in the Sales Team is ranked from top to bottom. You’re ranked according to how many purchasing individuals you’ve sponsored into the company.  Move up in position in the Sales Team by sponsoring a few purchasing individuals and tap into nice commissions checks without having to wait for your efforts to be reproduced. Unlike MLM, the larger this one sales organization grows, the greater your opportunity becomes! Sponsor the most purchasing individuals move up to become #1 in the team! Sponsor the 2nd most, become #2nd, 3rd most, be #3 etc!

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6 Ways to Make Money with HHG!

1. Retail Profits – Affiliates who are signed up on the Auto-ship program have access to volume discounts on all products and may retail them.

Note: Products and product packages purchased from the company have CP (Credit Points) connected to them. Any order under 50CP will have $8.00 added to the shipping and handling fee. A 200CP order places you in the matrix and qualifies you for Sales Team commissions. A 200CP auto-ship qualifies for all commissions. GCP (Group Credit Points) is the total amount of CP generated in a given month by an Affiliate and those he/she is credited with sponsoring. PCP (Personal Credit Points) is the CP generated by the affiliate alone. The most PCP that can be generated in a month is 200. CP is generated on a month to month basis.

2. Fast Cash Checks – HHG will send out a check for $40.00 within 48 hours to the sponsor (who has placed an order within the last 30 days) of any new affiliate whose signed affiliate agreement with a first order attached to it reaches the home office. The order must be a minimum of 100CP.

3. Gold Fast Cash Checks – Only HHG affiliates who are signed up on a * 200CP auto-ship qualify for this commission. An affiliate will receive $150.00 for each person he/she sponsored that signs up on a 200CP auto-ship.** Here HHG makes what seems impossible possible, for a 200CP auto-ship can cost as little as $126.00 and yet HHG sends out a check for $150.00 on this sign up. ***


* When you sign up on the 200CP auto-ship, you will be ranked in the Sales Team after your first two months on the program.

** These checks will be issued only if the new people being signed up on the 200CP auto-ship represents an increase in that person’s sponsored number of people on the auto-ship over his/her record number. If the new affiliate you sponsored at 200CP on auto-ship does not represent an increase in the number of people you sponsored on auto-ship you will receive a fast check of $40 instead of the $150.00.

*** $150 Gold Fast Cash checks are mailed out to you within 48 hours after HHG receives the signed auto-ship of your sponsored affiliates . But the $150.00 Gold Fast Cash checks are held for 30 days before being sent out to you, if the number of your consecutive months on the 200CP auto-ship are less than the number of new affiliates you will be receiving checks for. The $150 Gold Fast Cash check will not be sent out to you if your sponsored affiliate drops out of the auto-ship program before 30 days are up.

4. Sales Team Commission – This commission is based on the percentile in the Sales Team you are in, which is determined by your rank and the size of the entire Sales Team. Only affiliates who have ordered at least 200PCP of product for the month are in the Sales Team. Affiliates are RANKED in a line from top to bottom and given position numbers. The #1 position is the highest ranking position. Positions are not determined by who sponsored who, but by each affiliate’s’ GCP. The affiliate with the most GCP ranks the highest. Where there are ties in GCP, Seniority (how many consecutive months you have been purchasing 200CP worth of products) breaks the tie. The CP you and the affiliates you sponsored generated for the month gives you your GCP. Everyone in the top 1% will receive a Sales Team commission for $1,000.00. Everyone that is ranked on and between the 2nd to 25percentile will receive a commission check for $150.00. The percentile you are in is determined by: Your position# (rank) divided by the number of affiliates in the Sales Team X100, rounded up to the nearest whole number. For example, if your position is #8 and the number of affiliates in the Sales Team is 1000, then {8/1000} X 100 = .80 rounded up = 1. You would be in the top 1%. Note: Affiliates do not enter the Sales Team on their first month of activity.

5. Matching Bonuses – Affiliates with 200 CP are qualified to receive 100% Matching Bonuses on the Sales Team Commissions for all affiliates they are credited with sponsoring who are receiving $1,000 in Sales Team commissions.

6. One Step Away Commission – A One Step Away Commission is given to one affiliate just short of being in the 1st percentile in the Sales Team. Calculated by the following formula: Total number of affiliates in the Sales Team X 56 minus the total amount of Sales Team Commissions and Matching Bonuses. The one Step Away Commission will not exceed $850.00.

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