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The story of Okinawa Coral Calcium began in 1979, when the Guinness Book of World Records sent a journalist out to search for the world’s oldest man, finding him on the islands of Okinawa, Japan.  His name was Shigechiyo Izyumi and he lived to a ripe old age of 120 years and 237 days!  The journalist soon realized that most of the other inhabitants of the island were physically fit, had a very low incidence of disease and an average life-span of 106 years.  That is 10-15 years longer than in the rest of Japan which has the highest longevity of any nation.

 What was it that made these people so remarkably healthy?  A team of researchers sent to the islands found the answer.  Their health secret was in the water they were drinking, which was different than any other water in the world.  The islands are made up of Sango Coral which is chemically similar to human bone and has been used for almost 30 years in bone implants.  Since Okinawa is surrounded by coral reefs, all of the water the Okinawan’s drink is filtered through these reefs.  As a result, their drinking water is very high in Okinawan Coral Calcium.  Okinawan Coral Calcium had turned the drinking water extremely alkaline, as well as infusing it with calcium and dozens of other minerals and elements.  As far as they could tell, no other drinking water in the world has the same properties.  In other words, Okinawan Coral Calcium made a difference.  Besides Coral Calcium being much more absorbable than any other calcium, the other major benefit seems to be Coral Calcium’s ability to improve our internal Acid/ Alkaline Balance. Many, scientist believe that acidic body fluids lead to less oxygen in your cells, and the less oxygen can cause disease and accelerated aging.  The benefit of Coral Calcium is that is causes your body fluids to become slightly alkaline.  This means your body has more oxygen in its body fluids, and should, theoretically, help prevent certain diseases and the ravages of accelerated aging.

 Many people who have suffered from arthritis are willing to try just about anything to put an end to the agonizing pain.  Fortunately, there is strong evidence to support the link between Coral Calcium and arthritis.  Many scientists and researchers have tried to isolate the exact ingredient in Coral Calcium that seems to provide pain relief to people who suffer from arthritis.

 Coral Calcium Daily uses the premium grade, 100% pure ionized bioavailable coral calcium, collected from the waters of Okinawa, Japan, with ecological safety overseen by the Japanese government for the protection of the coral reefs and marine life.  With a 2:1 ration of calcium to magnesium Coral Calcium Daily is a powerhouse of marine nutrients known around the world as Coral Calcium.

 Supplement Facts

 Serving Size:                                                            3 capsules

Serving Per Container:                                         30


Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)                                                     60mg

Vitamin D3                                                                                       820 IU

Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate)                    60 IU

Calcium (from 1475mg of coral calcium)                           530 mg

Magnesium (from magnesium oxide)                                   265 mg

Zink (as Ainc oxide)                                                                      15 mg

Copper (as copper oxide)                                                           3 mg

Marine Coral Calcium                                                          1475mg

 Suggested use:  As a dietary supplement, adults take three capsules daily.

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