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Your digestive support!

Much of people’s health problems stem from a poor digestive system.  Hawaii’s House of Gold comes to the rescue with DigestzymesDigestzymes provides all the needed enzymes, plus herbs and glandular tissues to help stimulate the digestive system.  This homeopathic remedy is also designed to support digestion, as well as repair the body’s ability to create its own enzymes.  Using this product eliminates the risk of dependency found with most digestive supplements.  If you experience heaviness or discomfort after a meal, use Digestzymes and discover its effectiveness.



 (Purpose of each ingredient from Materia Medica)

 Bromelain 3X                              -           Supports protein digestion.

Papain 3X                                      -           Supports protein digestion.

Coriandrum sativum 3X            -           Stimulates digestion and absorption in the digestive tract, and helps with irritation and infections in the urinary system, allergies, hay fever and skin rashes.

Cinnamomum 3X                        -           Improves circulation, and helps with gas, diarrhea and hemorrhaging.

Eugenia caryolhyllatat 3X          -           For nausea and parasites, and improves one’s mental outlook.

Berberis Vulgaris 3X                  -           Stabilizes water metabolism, increases venous circulation, aids with hemorrhoids, gall bladder pain and itching, promotes bile flow in the liver, stimulates kidney function, and increases saliva production.

Herbal bitters 3X                         -           Stimulates stomach secretions, promoting the production of HCL.

Mentha piperita 3X                     -           Helpful for gas, bloating, and gut pain.

Pancreatinum 6X                        -           Stimulates the secretion of pancreatic digestive secretions.

Lipase 6X                                      -           Stimulates fat digestion.

Chymotrypsin 6X                       -           Stimulates protein digestion.

Trypsin 6X                                   -           Stimulates protein digestion.

Bovine glandulars: (Parototid 6X,Stomach 6X, Pancreas 6X, Liver 6X, Small and large intestine 6X, Solar plexus 6X, Vagus nerve 6X)     –           Stimulates the digestive system and the related functions of these organs, including the autonomic regulation of the digestive process.


 Take ½ to 1 teaspoon twice daily at least 30 minutes before or after eating or brushing your teeth.  Let the solution absorb under your tongue for about 15 seconds then swallow.

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