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Energetic Solutions                                                                                         1 x Energessence


 Endurance in a bottle!

Energessence is designed to ENERGIZE the fundamental metabolism of our body.  It is not a stimulant, but an optimizer.  It is designed to help you be more efficient in the work that you do, so that you can go that extra mile.  This product has been proven to increase athletic performance up to 5 times more than competitive products. Flower pollen, by itself, has been found to be more effective than bee pollen as an oxygenating supplement for athletes.  Energessence, combines flower pollen with other ingredients for a synergistic and superior cell oxygenation effect. Pollen is rich in nucleotides (RNA and DNA) and trace elements.  Energessence’s nucleotide content is boosted with additional RNA and DNA from yeast sources.  Since nucleotide absorption depends on protein digesting enzymes (deficient in many people), comfrey is added to the herbal base to work together with the HCVL in the stomach.

 The Herbal base includes Ginkgo Biloba, Aloe, Alfalfa, and Hydrocotyle Asiatica.  Super foods such as almond, royal jelly and seaweed (Laminaria) add to this product’s activity.

Oxygenation and stabilization of blood PH is also dependent on Zinc, this mineral is added to the formula.  Energessence is an updated version of the original homeopathic formula that was subject to various studies.  The following are the results of three tests that were conducted with the original formula before it was called Energessence.

Three groups were involved in the study:  Group 1 was given placebo (lactose sugar) – 2 pills 2/day.  Group 2 was given Cerniltons flower pollen – 2 pills, 2/day.  Group 3 was given the original formula (Energessence) 2 tsp, 2/day.

 Test #1:  An electrophysical measurement of oxygenation was taken.  This measurement is the micro-amperage output of the body measured after the patient takes a big breath,  the amperage increases in correlation to the oxygen absorbed in the blood stream. Fifteen micro-amps are found to be average in healthy active participants.  Three groups of 7 were measured for this electro-oxygen potential. Random selection of participants, all 20 to 35 years of age, healthy, non-professional type athletes.

Test One graph

Test #2:  This test shows the energy utilization and its effects on performance.

Twenty-one professional athletes were divided into three like groups.  These athletes, already in training, were asked to run for 10 minutes.  Distances were recorded before the supplementation program and again 10 days later.

Test 2 graph

 Test #3:  Twelve somewhat out of shape participants were asked to take either the flower pollen or the specially formulated homeopathic, then initiate an exercise program of weights and running.  After 3 days these participants were asked to rate the muscle pain and strain that they experienced from exercise.  With less oxygen there is more pain.  Participants rated the following:

1 to 10 (10 being severe)

A.  Muscle pain  B.  Muscle strain  C.  Joint pain  D.  Difficulty breathing  E.  Ability to flex.

Test 3 graph

Although Energessence has been proven to stimulate athletes to excel many times over their recorded achievement, athletes are not the only people who must respond to the demand for more energy!  It is for anyone who wants more.  This powerful homeopathic formula will work with your body to make it more efficient in what ever you demand of it.  It is the oxygenation effect of the synergistic elements of this formulation that creates these amazing results.  It is also an immune system booster.  The beauty of complex homeopathics is that they work to balance the needs of the whole body.  This formulation can be taken by everyone safely.


Each 4 oz Bottle Contains

Bee Pollen 2X  ,  Flower Pollen 2X,  FMA/DNA from yeast 2X,  Ginkgo Biloba 2X, Hydrocotyle Asiatica 2X, Amygdala amara 3X,

Laminaria 3X,  Medicago Sativa 3X, Sympytum Officinale 3X, Aloe Socotrina 3X, Royal Jelly 3X, Zink Monomethionite 6X.  In a

Base of Ethanol USP alcohol and purified water.


Take ½ to 1 teaspoon twice daily at least 30 minutes before or after eating or brushing your teeth.  Let the solution absorb under your tongue for 15 seconds then swallow.

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