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MSM was discovered quite by accident.  When officials at a paper plant decided to dispose of waste water by spraying it on dirt roads to help compact the dust, they soon found that deer and other animals were creating potholes in the road by licking and eating the dirt on the surface.  Two scientists became curious as to what was in the solution that the animals were craving.  They learned that the mineral was dimethylsulfoxide more commonly known as DMSO.  Through research on DMSO, Stanley W. Jacob M.D. and Robert Herschler, chemist, discovered the healing agent in DMSO, known as Methyl Sulfonyl Methane or MSM which has wide-ranging functions in health.

 MSM is found in all living things.  It is in the ocean, and is absorbed from rainwater by plants.  MSM is present in fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, eggs, fish, and herbs.  MSM is easily lost during storage, drying, processing or heating of foods.  That means, unless food is raw, freshly picked, unwashed and uncooked, there is not a sufficient amount to supply the body’s daily requirement.

 MSM is the third most abundant ingredient in the human body, the first two being water and salt. MSM is a naturally occurring organic sulfur necessary for enhanced cell development and restoration as well as increased cell membrane permeability.  This enhances both cellular nutrition and detoxification.  MSM’s tissue strengthening properties help to tone muscles and organs, increase collagen, renew skin and enable rapid injury healing.  It also strengthens mucous membranes to increase the body’s ability to resist allergies and parasites.  MSM is a nutrient that cells must have, as it plays key roles in a multitude of bodily functions.

 Normal, healthy cells only exist in an abundance of oxygen.  The depletion of oxygen allows for abnormal and cancerous cells to thrive, inevitably resulting in pain, weakness, disease and death to both individual cells and the entire body.  MSM’s role in cell membrane flexibility and permeability enables nutrients and oxygen to enter cells more easily.  This can help to increase and sustain energy levels and the lung’s oxygen capacity.  It also helps red blood cells deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the cells.  MSM can also help improve stiff, inflexible arteries, rejuvenating heart, brain and kidney functions.

 Increased permeability makes metabolic waste elimination effortless, including the elimination of heavy metals such as mercury.  MSM helps the liver clean acidic toxins out of the blood, restoring the body’s natural alkaline pH and bringing relief for hyperacidic conditions.  Lactic acid build-up in the muscles which results in sore spasming and cramping muscles, including muscles such as those in the heart and arteries are relieved as well.  Toxic effects of alcohol, which cause hangovers are flushed out in about 20 minutes, relieving symptoms.  Constipation can improve with MSM use, as many diverticulosis by increasing permeability and enabling the diverticuli to empty and heal themselves.  MSM can also relieve PMS by normalizing hormonal imbalances, lessening headaches, muscle pains and cramps by aiding the liver and helping other glands maintain normal production.  MSM is also an important part of the amino acid chain.  Amino acids need MSM to produce the enzymes which digest our food and break down wastes further enhancing elimination.

MSM also works synergistically with vitamin C to create cells by prolonging the life of Vitamins A, C and E plus other antioxidants, helping them work more efficiently.  Without MSM, the body is unable to repair damage and create healthy new cells.

 Allergies can be relieved  because MSM coats the mucous membranes preventing allergens from entering lung and nasal tissue.  Studies have shown dust mites are a major cause of asthma and can also enter the nasal passages and trigger upper respiratory allergic symptoms  MSM provides a hostile environment for such parasites by strengthening mucous membranes.

 MSM can play a major role in alleviating scars and scar tissue due to its tissue binding properties.  Normally, wounds heal flat leaving no sign of the cut.  When the body is deficient in Vitamin C and MSM, the new tissue created will be rounded and raised, leaving a scar.  Given MSM and Vitamin C, these scars may disappear in time.  MSM also increases skin’s suppleness and elasticity for smoother, nicer skin.

 Hair and nails can be replenished as organic sulfur is one of the main ingredients.  Brittle, ridged nails and split ends can also diminish with supplementation.

Clinical studies by the Department of Surgery at Oregon Health Sciences University  report that abnormal conditions have responded to oral MSM administered at a level of just 250-270 MG a day.  Here is an abbreviated list of their findings:

*MSM moderates allergic responses to pollen and foods.

*Chronic constipation patients have gained prompt and continuing relief by supplementation of MSM.

*Limited objective data plus strong subjective evidence show that severely restricted lung function was reduced.


Many Benefits of MSM

MSM helps to normalize many symptoms:


→  Physiological stress is reduced through detoxification and pH regulation.

→  Gastrointestinal upset is relieved by coating the intestinal tract with a protective lining.

→Allergic reactions and asthma are relieved by detoxifying the underlying causes.

→Drug hypersensitivity is decreased through enhanced liver detoxification of drugs and their metabolites.

→  Inflammation of mucous membranes is eased by supporting tissue healing and by providing a protective mantle against allergens and parasites.

  Weakened and damaged circulatory systems are repaired and restored to youthful flexibility.

  Inflammatory disorders including all forms of arthritis, muscle cramps and all kinds of pain are relieved.

  Cracking skin and wrinkles are eliminated by restoring youthful elasticity to the skin.

  Constipation is eliminated by enhancing fat metabolism, detoxification and pH regulation.

  Candida is controlled by repairing and protecting the sensiteve lining of the digestive tract.

  Stomach acidity and ulcers are corrected through support for tissue repair.

→  Infectious parasites including dust mites are repelled by a healthy coating of MSM.


Serving Size – 1 teaspoon             Servings per – Container 56            Amount per Serving – MSM (Methyl Sulfony Methane)  4g

Directions for using MSM powder:

¼ teaspoon provides 1000mg of MSM.  Take 1/2tsp (per 100 pounds of body weight; children: ¼ tsp. or less) twice a day dissolved in water or juice, along with 100mg of Nature C.  Although a single dose may not be effective in relieving symptoms, noticeable results are usually  seen between 2-21 days.  Supplementation should be continued even after symptoms clear, to prevent recurrence.


MSM Lotion

For Face and Body

For your skin, we have our MSM lotion in 3 different natural scents.  The scents are Berry Vanilla, Lavender, and Orange Ylang-Ylang.

 8oz bottle of MSM Lotion

Orange Ylang Ylang

 Natural Ingredients:  Triple UV Treated Deionized Water (Aqua). Demethyl Sulfone (10% MSM – Organic Sulfur)  Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Prunus ameniaca (Apricot Kernel) oil, Organic Prunus amygdalus (Sweet Almond) Oil, Organic Aloe Barbadensis Extract 200:1, Usnea longissima (wild crafted), Organic Calendula officinalis Flower Extgract, Vitamin A (Palmitate), Vitamin C (Citrate), Vitmin E (Acetate), Grapefruit Seed Extract Ciricidal, 100% pure essential Oil of Melaleuca alternifolia (anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and benzene free), Fatty Acid Esters derived from cocnut pulp used as an emulsifier.  Essential oil of Citrus sinesis (sweet Orange) and Canaga odorata (Ylang Ylang)  Orange Oil is uplifting creates a feeling of security and is good for dull skin.  Ylang Ylang is excellent for skin problems, and is antidepressive.



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