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Noni Caps – 60 Caps (Volume Discount)

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Noni Caps 001 



500 mg each

Contains only Whole Fruit

Fresh dry whole Noni fruit powder has been a part of the daily life of Polynesians for hundreds of years.  It is not hard to picture the voyaging crew collecting whole dried fruit along the sun soaked lava coastline.  It is apparent that it was easily powdered between smooth rocks to produce a stable, space-saving, life sustaining food.

There are people all over the world discovering the benefits of using the same Noni whole fruit powder when they use Hawaii’s House of Gold Noni Caps.

Hawaii’s House of Gold Noni Caps are made using whole tree-ripened, fresh noni fruit.  A special in-house method* incorporates multi aspects of product drying, folding and wrapping in such a manner as to allow for an increase in the amount of active enzymes which safely pass through the harsh stomach acid and enter safely in the first intestine.

Hawaii’s House of Gold Noni Caps will provide you with the same great benefits as fresh Noni juice.

We know from researchers at the University of Hawaii that the Noni seed contains important amino acids and polynutrients.  Our simple organic approach to farm management seems to produce the best Noni fruit.

We have the technology to crack open the hard seed shell and use the valuable contents in our Noni Caps.  We fold and press the Noni fruit powder several times to make the core of the powder more resistant to our stomach acid.  As a result, we can avoid using any filler  man-made coatings, and get more Noni to arrive naturally and safely in our first intestine.

Our friends take two capsules a day for overall better health, and an enhanced immune system.  Take two Noni Caps a day for a few days and start feeling the results.


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