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Noni Healing Roll On 10 ml glass bottle with applicator

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 1 x Noni Healing Roll On

NONI Healing Roll On

 As we get older, it is natural for healthy people to cope when they experience a little soreness.  When this condition becomes a discomfort that affects the enjoyment of life’s activities, then products like the Noni Healing Roll-On become valuable tools.  After a few years of working on a treatment for pain that would use traditional organic Hawaii grown products, as the main ingredients, Patrick Walsh can now say, “Mission accomplished”!

 Patrick tells us that the Noni Healing Roll-On is made with Hawaii Island Estate Grown natural ingredients:  Noni, Hiwa, and MSM.  He uses several pounds of fresh Noni and Hiwa to make one bottle of Noni Joint Healing Roll-On.  The chemical-free seed and root extraction process he developed for this Noni product is a unique proprietary method called Kolu Extract tm.  He found that by applying the Kolu Extract tm method to a mix of traditional Hawaii Island Grown plants over an eight-month period, it became possible to make a liquid concentrate of active absorbable properties.

 How does it work?  Our theory is that the Noni Healing Roll-On triggers our body’s natural pain mechanism to refresh the affected area with immediate and significant relief.  The interaction is so swift that there is an obvious trans-dermal absorption.

 How to use Noni HealingRoll-on?  Simply unscrew the cap and place the applicator directly on the pain and massage gently for a few seconds.  Almost immediately the pain will subside.

 We have gotten solid feedback from Robert Roos, a professional personal trainer here in Hilo.  After giving these products to his clients, he stated:  “When we used the Noni Healing Roll-On, my clients experienced immediate and enduring decrease in the pain associated with joint stiffness from arthritis and muscle injury.”  He continued to explain:  “No matter how good you are at your sport at the end of the race or game, even the best are experiencing pain and stiffness somewhere.  Just take the little bottle and roll it on.  Presto!  Instant relief!  No nasty smell!  No fake chemicals, and very soothing to the skin!”

 In addition to the Noni, Hiwa, and MSM, the following ingredients complement the product nicely:  Hawaiian Ginger, and Olena.  Also Deionized Water, Green Tea, Clove, Peppermint, Aloe, and Arnica.

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