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Hawaii Island

Noni Juice

 Hawaii’s House of Gold holds out healing to the world!

 A Hawaiian Medicinal Essential

 More than two thousand years ago, a group of Polynesians migrated to the Hawaiian Islands, bringing with them some of their most prized, life sustaining plants.  Some of these essential plants were specially selected varieties of Noni (Morinda citrifolia), used by Native Hawaiian for their restorative and healing powers.  These Noni cuttings were planted in well-guarded, secret locations on the Big Island of Hawaii and expertly managed since their arrival.  Early Hawaiian Healers used noni for everything from healing wounds and broken bones to the treatment of skin disorders, viral infections and pain.  Today, people around the world are finding out about the great health benefits of Noni as scientists begin to unlock the mystery behind its effectiveness.

 Mana From Hawaii Island

 Our Noni has Mana, or  life force energy.  Hawaii Noni is very much sought after and this is due to the combination of four factors:

 Our special stock of Noni

The volcanic soil it grows in

The pristine air on the Big Island

Our proprietary direct press-bottle procedure

 Big Island noni fruit trees are very unique.  Our tress can have buds, flowers, young fruit and ripe fruit naturally occurring at the same time all year long!  Our Noni trees grow on newly formed lava fields that benefit from pure Pacific Ocean daily rains and warm trade winds.   These lava fields are rich with micronutrients that are never depleted.  We handpick only “matured on the tree” ripe fruit daily.  Tree ripened fruit is sweet and rich with juice.  We press the whole fruit and bottle within seconds to lock in the potency!  We feel that Hawaii Island Noni Juice is the very best because of this procedure.  From the tree to the bottle, we supervise every aspect of the juice.  We vouch for our product.  Now you can have the pleasure of enjoying the same Noni as that of the early Hawaiian Kings!  We wish you Ola Maika’s (Good Health)!

  Strong Smell, Strong Taste, Strong Medicine

 When you first open a bottle of Hawaii’s House of Gold Hawaii Island Noni Juice, you will notice the strong smell and taste.  Even so, people are lining up to buy it because it does so much for them.  Here are just a few ailments Noni has been reported to help:

 Acne     Arthritis     Asthma     Broken Bones     Cancer     Colds     Constipation     Depression     Diabetes     High Blood Pressure     Heart trouble     Kidney problems     Low Energy     Menstrual Problems     Pain     Rheumatism     Throat Infections     Thrush     Weight Loss     Wounds

 The Elements Making Noni Work

Scientist have been studying noni since the 1950’s.  Some of the beneficial elements that have been found include:

Alkaloids-  Essential to maintain life

Anthrquinones  -  Antibacterial agents

Amino Acids  – Building blocks of protein

Ascorbic Acid – Vitamin C

Bamnacanthal  -  Anti-cancer agent

Enzymes-  Aid digestion

Iron, Maganesium, Phosphate, sodium  – Essential minerals

Scopopetin  -  anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, dilates blood vessels

Sterols and Sitosterols  -  Immune system boosters

Protein  -  Essential for growth and repair

Plus More!

 100% Pure Noni Juice

 Simply pure Noni Juice is all you will get!  It takes 5 pounds of ripe fruit to fill one of our 32oz bottles.  Other Noni manufactures add other fruit juices to help cover up the strong smell and taste of the Noni, and to cut cost,  they use as little as 4oz of green pulp per bottle.  The result is that you may receive a product that is less than 10% Noni and 90% ordinary fruit juice.  Why pay more for less?  We add no other fruit juices, preservatives, colors or flavors, and our unique processing technique makes our Noni taste relatively smooth.  You can mix it with fruit juice yourself if you desire.

Noni Juice