1 x Noni Seed Extract

Noni Seed Extract – 70 ml Bottle

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1 x Noni Seed Extract



 By: Patrick M. Walsh

We have recently discovered from food scientist Judith Sims that a healthy ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6, both Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), is a daily goal of four parts Omega-6 to one part Omega-3.  Specifically, a good source of linoleic acid has shown in clinical trials to protect against such conditions as heart and skin disease, cancer and a host of debilitating conditions such as strokes and multiple sclerosis.

Our bodies convert the EFAs into an amazing host of derivatives:  Crucial blood clotting and anti-clotting agents, healthy brain function in addition to being the primary energy source for the heart!

We lose tremendous fluidity and cell strength when we disregard our daily requirements of EFAs.  Our bodies do not manufacture these active compounds.  We must get them from our food and supplements.  While Omega 3 is readily available in fish, linoleic acid, is only complete in raw unheated seeds and commonly from:  lean animal meat, organs and mother’s breast milk.  Now you can turn to the Noni Seed Extract for a traditional source daily intake of EFA linoleic acid.

 We open the Noni seed, stabilize and monitor (without heat or chemicals), for eight months, before we remove and make soluble the active compounds.  It takes about 40,000 Estate Noni seeds to make just one bottle of Noni Seed Extract.

 The feedback is excellent!

 “……….it was a smooth tasty burst of energy that was worth the wait!”

                                                                                         L.P. Hawaii – USA

 “I took the Noni Seed Extract during a bout with peritonitis, and taking one full teaspoon twice a day reduced my hospital stay by two weeks.”

                                                                                         N.L.W. Hawaii – USA

 “……….just a few drops at a time and….it gives me great clarity in thinking.  The energy feel is refreshing and it lasts…I’m getting 95% immune system reading only a few days after cancer treatment.  I know it’s the drops because I can take nothing else.  The doctors are really happy.”

                                                                                         T.B. and A.C. Hawaii – USA

 I am confident you too will benefit from this Estate Noni product.  We selected the traditional amber Boston Round glass 70ml bottle for this outstanding Hawaii’s House of Gold Noni product.  Simply take one teaspoon (5ml) as needed.

 The clear results of our first Kolu Method product, the Noni Healing Roll On, confirmed the theory that the energy contained in a tiny Estate Noni Seed could be tapped (extracted) and compounded (bottled) for clear results every time.

Aloha, Patrick M. Walsh

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