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Stamina Plus contains all 20 known B-vitamins, rarely found together in one supplement.  This full range of B complex is homeopathically prepared to enhance utilization of these critical nutrients.  Additional botanical and glandular ingredients support increased stamina, a quality needed by everyone in today’s on-the-go world.

This is an incredible energy booster which will help give you enhanced endurance.  Stamina Plus is useful if you are under a lot of nervous tension and strain or just naturally use up a lot of nervous energy.  It also helps to clean out the blood and aids in circulation.

 Stamina Plus works synergistically with Energessence.

Each 4 oz. Bottle Contains:

B Vitamins 1 through 20                 2X

Hordeum Bulgare                            2X

Saccharomyces                                2X

Citrus Limonum                                2X

Mineral Ascorbate                            2X

Rosa Canina                                    2X

Aurantium fructus                            2X

Capsicum annuum                           3X

Solanum Tuberosum                        3X

Agaricus                                           3X

Petroselinum sativum                       3X

Bovine glandulars:

Liver                                    6X       12X     30X

Heart                                   6X       12X     30X

Bone Marrow                        6X       12X     30X

In a base of Ethanol USP alcohol and purified water.



Take ½ to 1 teaspoon twice daily at least 30 minutes before or after eating or brushing your teeth.  Let the solution absorb under your tongue for 15 seconds then swallow.

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