Sterol-Max 007

Sterol-Max (90caps)

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Sterol-Max 007

Hawaii’s House of gold carries a powerful immune system builder called Sterol-Max, from Enriching Gifts International.  This product is being used in a big way in Africa to fight AIDS, with much success.  Sterol-Max is sterols and sitosterolins which are plant fats that provide a growing list of health benefits.  The structure of these special plant fats resemble the animal fat cholesterol but their function is remarkably different.  They occur naturally in fruit, vegetables, seeds, sprouts and nuts, as well as root tubers.  Essential for the life process, they are especially concentrated in seeds and sprouts.  These unique phytonutrients modulate the secretions of lymphocytes, thereby having a profound and sometimes seemingly miraculous effect on the immune system.  The world’s most potent combination of sterols and sterolins is produced from a number of different beneficial sprouts, including Hypoxis, a species of African potato.  This herb has long been used in Zulu medicine for chronic viral conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, TB, and cancer.  The combination has become known in Africa as Muti, which is Zulu for “Big Medicine”, because even the scourge of AIDS seems to be no match for it. 

Very little of these plant fats in our diet are bioavailable because they firmly bind to plant fibers.  One would have to eat approximately 240 pounds of fresh whole foods a day to get the amount of these valuable plant substances in 2 capsules of Sterol-Max.

Sterols and sterolins have been shown to modulate the functions of T Cells by enhancing their cellular division and their secretion of important soluble factors called lymphokines.

Sterols and sterolins do not stress the body.  They are no-toxic and free of common allergens.  In fact, they seem to reduce stress.  Stress suppresses the immune system via hormones such as cortiso.  With extreme physical stress, such as in marathon running, pro-inflammatory factors are also released adding to tissue damage.  Plant sterols and sterolins decreased both cortisol and inflammation.

Sterols and sterolins protect the bone marrow, and thus the immune syste, from the damaging effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Sterols and sterolins have been tested on over 25,507 human patients.  In animal studies at doses of 2,500 times higher than those used in humans, no toxicity, or adverse reactions occurred in any of these trials.

Enriching Gifts International has a key formula that also goes into the product.  It is an exclusive plant enzymes formula containing rare and unique inonic mineral blend, trade marked GRS-CF77 TM.  This formula contains 9 plant based enzymes that help digest proteins, fats, carbohydrates, starches, sugars, and all foods.

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