Structural Intergrity 240 capsules

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One in four women develop osteoporosis, characterized by excessive bone loss making bones brittle, thin and porous, and easy to fracture.  A majority of men and women today also suffer from some degree of arthritis, inflammation affecting the joints, connective tissue and other supporting tissue.


The bone tissue in your skeletal system contains living cells embedded in a hard matrix made up of calcium and held together by collagen, glucoamine glycans and other organic substances.  This tissue is constantly renewing itself throughout your life, tearing down and rebuilding its framework.  Your bones support your body and safeguard your organs and also house the facility that produces your blood and immune cells within the marrow.  The connective tissues, including cartilage, help to give form to the body and maintain smooth function of the joints.


Bone formation is strongly dependent on an adequate supply of calcium and concomitant minerals.  If the body’s store of minerals is depleted, bone repair and replacement becomes defective.  Contrary to popular belief, your need for calcium actually increases as you age.


Structural Integrity utilizes the most bio-available form of calcium, Hydroxyapatite, plus the minerals needed to strengthen the bone matrix such as Boron.  A study on patients experiencing bone loss showed an increase of 6.1% in cortical bone density with use of this form of calcium.  Using this product doubles the amount of calcium that is absorbed by turning on active absorption, reduction the dietary requirement in half.


Supplement Facts

                                                                                MCHA = Microcrystaline Hydroxyapatite
                                                                        Serving Size 2 Tablets  Serving Per Container 120
                                                                                                        Amount Per Serving           % Daily Value
Calories                                                                                                                5
Protein (from Magnesium Ascorbate)                                                          1 g                                             2%
Vitamin C ( from Magnesium Ascorbate)                                                  133 mg                                     222%
Vitamin D-3 (as Cholecalciferol)                                                                  667 IU                                      167%
Vitamin K-2 (as Menaquinone)                                                                       67 mcg                                 84%
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) (from Thaimin HCI)                                                   3 mg                                   200%
Calclum (from HCHA)                                                                                    667 mg                                   67%
Phosphorus (from MCHA)                                                                             287 mg                                   29%
Magnesium (from Magnesium Oxide and Ascorbate                              400 mg                                  100%
Zinc (from Ainc Amino Acid Chelate)                                                              7 mg                                    47%
Copper (from Copper Amino Acid Chelate)                                                  0.7 MG                                 35%
Maganese (from Manganese Amino Acid Chelate)                                       2 mg                                 100%
Horsetail (Equlsetum arvense) (Aerial Part)                                                67 mg
Boron (from Amino Acid Chelate)                                                                  467 mg
Other ingredients: Gelatin (capsule), Cellulose, Glucosmine Postassium Sulfate Com-plex, Stearic Acid (vegetable source), Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source) and Silica.
Contains shellfish (crab, shrimp, lobster, crayfish).
not manufactured with wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish or tree nut ingredients.




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